Election Meeting Notes 3/19

Attendance: Sarah J, Forrest, Brian, Will, Holly, Michael, Jaybird, Stephen, Kyle, Franco


Volunteer Update:

Sunday- covered / closed easter

Wednesday- covered

Thursday- covered


Treasurer’s report: We’re all good in the hood


Old Business:

Will’s APU Class – Cait is going to cover it 10:30-12:30am @ OTC 4/6/18

Pick Click Give – Application in

Elaine – bike tune up classes in schools and camps in town 4/28


New Business:

Walmart Midtown – Wants us to do a bike rodeo

Disc Brake Price: $3 rotor $5 caliper BB7 should go to gold pile



President: Holly H HILL

President of Vice: Brian LINDAMOOD DUDE

Secretary: Jaybird RULEZ

Treasurer: Sarah to the JAY

Volunteer Coordinator: Will Criner / Little Bill

Outreach Coordinator: Kyle K Willy KIDDA

Member at Large: Forrest Lump


Board Meeting: Are we using the revised Handbook 3/26 Possible meeting for revised handbook.