Meeting minutes 1/22/18

Attendence: Michael, Will, Kyle, Forrest, Stephen, Sarah, Holly

Volunteer Shifts: Shifts covered

Old Business:

-Bike month:

-bike jam – february 28th (sound system either generator and PA or build battery system)

-need fliers made for bike jam event

-trail tales 2/8 and world bike touring event at museum 2/1- cait telling a story

-Will hosting a table at museum event

-bins – make sure small recycling parts get into small containers

-Bike!bike! At 9/30/18

-ladies night – ongoing discussion of changing the night of ladies night

-field trip planned with chugiak Will – we are invited to ride the new mirror lake trails in March – public welcome, no rides offered

New Business:

-difficult volunteer discussion

-confusion over purchase of a new bike that was left at shop despite our policy of no storing bikes.

-be familiar with and emphasize rules of the shop

-communication is key with volunteers that are difficult to deal with

-any questions on how to deal with difficult or hostile shop users?

-can bikes leave the shop unpaid for? – no

-can bikes be stored here once sold? – no

-if things get uncomfortable call another volunteer and if necessary the police

-use “off the chain” when discussing rules and practices instead of your own name

-discussion of current handbook and its rules and ideas in new provision

-please pass on any pertinent information about altercations to next shift manager

-tell new volunteers to read the handbook for shop credit!!

-retreat planned in march to finish revision of handbook

-tire raffle – we might do one

-bulk price list suggested – lists of parts at cost to better inform pricing bikes built to sell

-maybe use half the “for sale” price to estimate bulk price

-giving studded tires to forrest instead of raffling

-bikebike fundraiser ideas: raffle?