Meeting Notes 11/5/18

Meeting Notes

Date: 11/5/18

Attendendance: Holly, Michael, Kyle, Jaybird, Randy, Stephen, Will


Treasurer’s Report: $$$ from Pick.Click.Give (new 7% charge to maintain sustainibility of the program), Jaybird and Holly Are going to do Thank You Cards.


Volunteer Update:



Class by Will — Bike Mechanics 101 (6 person class). 11/27/18



Winter Bike Week – Kyle will be there 11/24 (5:30-7) will be there to take notes and coordinate OTC’s part in Winter Bike to work day

-Winter Volunteer party // Possibly at the curling club on a Sunday in December

-New Banner Design Holly is working on will be done soon!!


-Michael’s reminders:

Please don’t leave bikes on the stands after your shift! It’s a lot harder to open the shop when there’s no free stands.

Bike Pricing –  A lot of bikes in the shop / Should be have a sale? Christmas towne? Donate some bikes?

Bike Storage – Possible off site location (can get complicated)

Shop Log – We used to do a shop log to keep everyone on the same page. Maybe we should have a shop notebook again. EDIT: New Captain’s log by money box

Sales Log – All bikes must be logged


-Printing Shirts – LETS DO IT