Meeting 9/4/17


Attendence: Holly, Will, Sarah, Jamie, Forrest, Jaybird

Old Biz:

What to strip off your bike training- put detailed strip instructions on red tags for volunteers.

Secretary Position vote: Jaybird Is taking over until next election in February.

New Biz:

New QBP order came in – ALL IS GOOD

Post Bike!Bike! Recap meeting 9/14 8:30 N Street

NEW SHIRTS! $15 for shirts(volunteers do 1 hour for free shirts), $40 for Hoodies ($15 dollars for volunteers)
Shirt Display ideas???

Credit Union change to a business account to make it more accessible to everyone. Maybe switching to Alaska USA over Denali Credit Union – Post pone till Sarah gets back from vacation.

Recycling – Forrest is on it.