1/30/13 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Notes for 1/30/13

Treasurer’s Report: Checking-87X.xx Savings – 7174.39
Gear Spoke – OTC voted interest in donating bikes to be on consignment and rental at Gear Spoke, more to come

Board Meeting Review
insurance – Bryan and Chrisser
New management – second door must be shut before cameras installed, Brian in contact
Actively seeking new space – public call for ideas

Pick Click Give – Matt Jemin
Apply for Grants
Cait – vista
Matt J – Conoco grant for bike bike
other grants?
McLaughlin Connection replacement – Chrisser
Double size of core volunteers to 18 to 20 members (Paul)

All bikes on walls should be ready to ride by April
Switch benches around in rear shop – David
Bins for tubes – Chrisser
Get rid of entrance table – Carp(already done)
Office layout cleanup – Brian, Paul, Holly
Open House – Holly and Paul
Dessert Auction – Carp and Matt
More volunteers – Paul (Possible class – David)
Storage Unit – Chrisser, Brian, Paul
Back room – Brian
Metrics – Matt and Cait
Carp Rulz