Meeting 11-20

Attendence: Jaybird, Holly, Will, Kyle, Stephen,forrest

Volunteer Shifts: Closed 11/23 & 11/24 for Thanksgiving. All Over shifts covered.

Old Business:

No Business

New Business:

-Planning a Bike Jam hosted by OTC for Winter Bike Month in February. Kyle is collaborating with Bike Anchorage to promote the event.

-Christmas Towne – Left Messages that we have more bikes to pick up.

-Turn on the fan to circulate the heat in the shop and make sure to turn it down before you leave to cut costs.

Meeting Notes 10/2/17


Shifts: all covered

Attendance: Will, Franko, Stephen, Kyle, Brian, Forrest, Michael, Jaybird, Jake (new) , holly, Jamie
Old Business:
The Stripper Station is all ready to roll, Thanks Will!, appropriate tools are labeled in yellow on the “strip bin” near the back of the shop.
If you want to tag a bike with a red tag indicated to strip, PLEASE put as many details as possible on the bikes.
Please make sure to also try and tag yellow tags with as much info you can.
Let’s start dating and initialing incoming bikes to try and keep track a little better of bikes that are not being bought
Christmas town – Looking for children’s bikes, bikes that need some work and other children bicycle accessories. Please label accordingly. Courtney will pick up bikes because they have a lot of storage! Kids bikes from ages 5-18 years. Tentative plan is to give them from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Ideally bikes that retail (OTC standards) $80 or below.
New Business:
UAA Bike Club – There’s interest in starting a new bicycle club back at UAA. Lots of students don’t have access to bikes but have interest but no resources. – Talked about old uaa bike club stuff. – Looking for more of an advocacy group – more bike racks, accessible routes, safety.
-Bike-Angel – A mentorship with more experienced riders with less experienced riders. Helping with even the smallest things like where to get a fender or nice rain jacket to buy / borrow.

BUILD UP BIKES – First priority! Please and thank you.
Mountain Bike Summit 10/6 & 10/7 Alaska Trails is throwing this for mainly trail construction, rides and community. Registration is online. Opportunity to advertise, Kyle is on it.
Build-a-bike-program – Holly / Kyle are going to head this.
LEMON BIKES – When bikes keep returning that were previously purchased at OTC. Maybe being a little easier on trading if needed.
Bike!Bike! To do’s: Chain Hanger, Handbook, Labeling/Organising, signage, Hands off training tools
Pricing Gold items – 30% of suggested retails.
Price list in the back now!

Meeting 9/4/17


Attendence: Holly, Will, Sarah, Jamie, Forrest, Jaybird

Old Biz:

What to strip off your bike training- put detailed strip instructions on red tags for volunteers.

Secretary Position vote: Jaybird Is taking over until next election in February.

New Biz:

New QBP order came in – ALL IS GOOD

Post Bike!Bike! Recap meeting 9/14 8:30 N Street

NEW SHIRTS! $15 for shirts(volunteers do 1 hour for free shirts), $40 for Hoodies ($15 dollars for volunteers)
Shirt Display ideas???

Credit Union change to a business account to make it more accessible to everyone. Maybe switching to Alaska USA over Denali Credit Union – Post pone till Sarah gets back from vacation.

Recycling – Forrest is on it.